Senior Developer

You thrive at the intersection of creative and engineering. You are a developer with a fine eye for design, motion & animation. You sweat the small stuff, the devil’s in the details. Pushing pixels to their proper place and ensuring responsive designs are not just functional but perform flawlessly. You understand the render loop and know when to debounce and defer renders. You are a self starter who isn’t afraid to jump into the unknown and solve problems. You can communicate effectively and you’re comfortable working closely with creatives while using modern and emerging technologies to bring designs to life.

While you feel confident in your skills, you are still humble. We are all always learning and growing.

Reach Out

Key Duties

  • Work alongside the Director of Technology and other developers
  • Lead development on smaller projects, sometimes acting as an individual contributor
  • Bring designs to life with a focus on animations and motion
  • Strive to make accessible experiences without compromising creative integrity

You Are:

  • Expert with the usual suspects HTML,(S)CSS, JS
  • Expert with frontend libraries and frameworks ( React, Vue, Gatsby, Nuxt, Next )
  • Able to bring animations to life using GSAP
  • Experienced with CSS Animations
  • Comfortable with ThreeJS/WebGL
  • Comfortable with modern build tools ( Vite, Parcel, Rollup, )

Good To Have

  • Strong OOP and functional programming skills
  • Knowledge of Docker
  • Experience working with GraphQL
  • Experience working with CMS ( Headless Wordpress, Contentful )
  • Experience building apps with NodeJS
  • Experience working with databases ( MySQL, Postgres )
  • Experience working with serverless architectures
  • Experience building for Shopify

Really Nice To Have

  • iOS/Android Development
  • Unity
  • Unreal